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We're boiling our store down to a much smaller product line, concentrating on books & media by folks who appear at A.C.E. events. This is a complete list of the books on the shelves at The Starwood Center. Many are rare and valuable, like Tales of Tongue-Fu by Paul Krassner, or the original Dell printing of Reality is What You Can Get Away With by Robert Anton Wilson. A few are autographed.

In most cases, there is only one of each, and these books aren't part of our shopping cart. You can pay with check, credit card or PayPal, but you'll have to send us a list of the items you want. Mail it to A.C.E. or email it to Or just phone our toll free number, 1-800-446-4962, and tell us what you want. We'll wheel and deal on multiple-item orders.

CLICK HERE to see the big list. It's designed for easy print-out or text copy-and-pasting.

Mailing address:
1643 Lee Rd., #9
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

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