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An overview of what and who ACE is.

The Chameleon Club


These are the Chameleon Pages which give some insight into the folks that make everything happen at ACE.

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The Starwood Festival


Our largest and most diverse festival. It's a six-day camping event with daily concerts and workshops on a private, clothing-optional campground. This page contains general info that's useful all year around.

The Starwood Festival XXXV (2015)

July 7 -13, 2015
Wisteria Campground

Information Forthcoming. Get info on the upcoming Starwood Festival...

The WinterStar Symposium


Our midwinter-bluesbreaker of music and workshops held at a cushy ski resort in southern Ohio. Come snuggle down with the Chameleons and enjoy the the cozy atmoshpere of cabin parties and hanging out at the lodge.

The WinterStar Symposium 2002

Feb. 28-Mar. 3, 2002
Atwood Lake Resort, Dellroy, Ohio

Never before has Community meant so much to us as in these times of national crises, and never has our need for the Special Magic of Community been greater. We've seen, in our time of sorrow, the power of a common enemy to cause even the most divided of peoples to stand united. Yet we must remember those more positive reasons to come together, for cooperation, for celebration, for healing, and to share our common adventure as we reach for distant stars. Get info on the upcoming WinterStar Symposium...

Thing In The Woods


An end-of-the year retreat for A.C.E. members, Chameleons, past presenters and work-barter contributors to our events over the years... but anyone can come (for a slightly higher fee).

Local Events


At times, the festivals we put together, the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium, just aren't enough. We like to see our friends more often, so we'll throw parties once and awhile. These include ACE Open Houses, events to the Starwood Center, and seminars by well-known speakers.



Here you will find links to individuals and groups that share our spirit of exploration, diversity and fun.



Besides putting on festivals, ACE carries a full line of books of authors we've had at our events and a very large selection of hard-to-find and close-out books within the genres of magic, paganism, psychedelics, and visionary authors. We have more than just books, too! We have lecture and music cassettes from speakers and musicians at our events, the ACE/Llewellyn line of tapes and CDs, and a large selection of cassettes and CDs from artists that we enjoy.

Changeling Times


Welcome to the Changeling Times, a publication by the Chameleon Club. In this cyberpublication we host articles, creativity, and considerations by Chameleons and ACE members.