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Thing In The Woods

is a sort of non-event... a camping weekend at the Brushwood Folklore Center (if there is a thing in the woods this year it isn't at Brushwood), site of the Starwood Festival. No general mailing has been sent out; a few invitations have been sent to A.C.E. members, Chameleons, past presenters and work-barter contributors to our events over the years... but anyone (yes, even you) can come.

The Thing in the Woods will be whatever you make it, or don't. Bring your musical instruments, or don't bother. Join in the surf & turf dinner catered by Phil's Grill on Saturday evening, or don't. (Note: bring 12 or so extra $ for the surf & turf). Help yourself to free coffee and cake in the lounge at breakfast or anytime, or go eat by yourself. Check out the mind machine set-up we'll provide, or give it a miss. We'll show videotapes on a big screen projector, including footage from past events; check 'em out or skip 'em. Offer your own class, workshop or ceremony, or just plain slack off. Have a nice day, or just forget it. (I mean, who are WE to tell you what to do?)

Past Things

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